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The Internship Program at DC provides students with exciting opportunities to explore the working world and learn new things.  DC students have interned with many different companies including Sunoco, Globus Medical and Temple Hospital.  A student from the class of 2020 recently finished an internship with Globus Medical where he learned how the engineers design and produce different medical devices. He was given the opportunity to design a screw that will be used in spinal surgeries!  A member of the class of 2018 interned at Sunoco and designed an app that helps truck drivers find the nearest Sunoco station so they can plan their trips accordingly.  Internships in our SAIL program give students the opportunity to demonstrate the key elements of SAIL: collaboration, communication, interdisciplinary work and risk taking.  

Beginning in 2020, all juniors will participate in a one week internship. This career week will give students an opportunity to:

  1. explore God-given gifts and talents and develop professionalism in the real work world
  2. experience the process of meeting deadlines and completing a project assigned by a supervisor
  3. assess personal motivation to continue in a career path 
  4. develop some long-range educational and vocational goals

For more information on Junior Career Week, please contact Trevor Creeden, Director of College & Career Counseling at 610-353-6522 x2229 or