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DC’s outstanding early childhood curriculum encompasses Bible, language, early literacy, writing, math, science, history, music, creative arts, Spanish (K), and physical education. Coupled with instruction are ample opportunities for enrichment through field trips, outdoor exploration, and special assemblies/activities.

early childhood
early childhood
early childhood
early childhood
early childhood

Our early childhood curriculum provides the foundation for future learning by addressing key developmental areas.

Physical Development

Both large and small motor skills are practiced through running, jumping, climbing, throwing, and activities that involve motor planning and coordination. Strong core muscles will pave the way for fine motor skills like cutting and writing.

Social & Emotional Development

The earliest years of learning are fundamental to healthy social development. Through play and guided interactions, children learn how to share, wait their turn, manage frustration, and navigate conflict. They learn to identify and verbalize their own feelings and discover empathy for others. They learn how to be a friend.

Cognitive Development

Successful early childhood education provides opportunities for risk taking, problem solving, and persistence through challenging tasks. Development of these skills helps children to think more deeply as they explore, ask questions, and create.

Enriched opportunities for language development foster growth in a child’s ability to listen, speak, and process information. Development of these important and interconnected skills provide a strong foundation as students grow in their mastery of reading and writing during the lower school years and beyond.  

Spiritual Development

With the freedom to foster spiritual development, students learn about God’s love for them. They are encouraged to ask big questions as they explore God’s world. This intentional focus provides the foundation for a deeper understanding of God’s redemptive and restorative plan of salvation and the formation of a biblical worldview.